Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sales Training that Addresses the Entire Sales Process

When you are starting a career in real estate, or any sales field for that matter, you cannot afford to sell yourself short when it comes to SALES TRAINING. Getting a real estate license does not a sales person make. However, through learning and applying the right sales practices, you will quickly become successful and rise to the top of yoru field.

Simply put, your sale doesn’t start with a sales call and end with the close. It starts with prospecting and ends with repeat business and referrals. And in fact, the earlier portions are usually more important – and determine the success of – the close.
So shouldn’t your sales training cover the whole sales process?
We teach the GOLD STANDARD Selling System as a series of specific, linked steps proven to help salespeople move through the entire sales cycle in a way that tackles and overcomes real-world selling challenges.
With GOLD STANDARD Sales Training you will learn:
· How to set and achieve goals in any market
· How to both target and attract the right people
· How to Develop and Execute world-class listing and buyer presentations
· How to maximize floor duty with “no-fail” lead conversion methods
· How to develop a strong online presence
· How to effectively market yourself in a digital age
· How to develop winning time and contact management habits
· How to maximize every opportunity with proven follow-up methods
· How to Negotiate Contracts
· How to ELIMINATE objections
· How to maneuver the sale from Contract to Close

In today's market, can you afford not to have this kind of knowledge. Call me at 210-693-0548 or email century21sa@gmail.com.

NOTE: I will tell you how to take advantage of all of this training ABSOLUTELY FREE!