Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Does REALTOR.COM Make a Difference?... YES!!!

Century 21 United has entered into an agreement with REALTOR.COM to create a HUGE benefit for our agents. Using the Realtor Showcase and other features available, YOUR LISTINGS WILL STAND OUT for all the rest!

Watch this quick video.

Now take a look at WHY THIS MATTERS!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get the Picture! (Actually.. get 25 pictures)

We are doing everything possible to strengthen our presence on and IT'S WORKING! We are seeing great results. We need your help. Rather, HELP US HELP YOU.

Want to get to the top of searches? MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 25 pictures. You should already have the maximum 16 pictures on the MLS. Now you need to go into and add 9 more. IT's THAT SIMPLE!
If you need assistance, contact me and I will help.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Increase Your Business with Social Networking

Bottom line - If you are not using the internet to network then you are WAY BEHIND! I don't want to be mean but isn't it TIME TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM? I mean really. I understand that as a salesperson I have to make at least 20 contacts per day. I know that I need to meet people and let others know that I am in the real estate business. The internet makes it sooo easy to network with people anywhere in the world.

Seriously ... within 2 weeks of setting up my facebook account, I made contact with a buyer and the transaction closed within 3 weeks. IT WORKS.

Here are a couple of videos that will help you understand social networking.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Unlocking the FRONTDOOR for Buyers

Do you know what I love about working with CENTURY 21 UNITED? EVERYTHING!!! It's is so easy to blog a topic-a-day because everyday I find something really cool to use. Today's (re)discovery is FRONTDOOR.COM. This is an awesome website powered by HGTV. CENTURY 21 has a business arrangement with HGTV for advertising and listing distribution. THAT'S RIGHT! Every listing is automatically uploaded to

If you have not visited Frontdoor, you should. In fact you should subscribe. Everyday you will find great articles and features that will help you with your business. Keep in mind that this site targets consumers. Use the ideas and marketing expertise to your advantage. FOR EXAMPLE: Today's featured article is a "Step-by-step guide for buying your first home"

One thing I have learned in business is that I have to EARN THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. What I mean is... I cannot ever complain until I have used every tool and resource available. When I have tried EVERYTHING with no success, then I can complain. CENTURY 21 always provides new and innovative tools... New resources and training... In short, they make it very hard to earn the right to complain.
I suggest logging into 21online and downloading the new marketing presentation (Available in the Virtual Presentation Library) You will find info about and TONS of other stuff. I promise to give more information about 21online, VPL, Frontdoor and other super-cool stuff. Just check back tomorrow! See ya later.